Jute collection


It’s a totally natural fibre, with bright and golden tints and that is why it’s called “the golden fibre”. Jute is among the most widely used and natural yarns in the world, second in its use only to cotton. This plant yarn, obtained from the cellulose of the trees, is characterized by a very strong fibre. The rough texture of this fibre differentiates it and makes it ideal into the world of furniture.

It’s ideal to lay the table in any kind of furniture. In fact, as a consequence of its really genuine texture, jute is a kind of material which, for example, we can find in a house decorated in a country style and in which the use of fabrics and natural materials is very broad.

Jute finds its natural location next to antique furniture and wooden tables, its apparently unprocessed and worn appearance seems to entertain our guests, telling them about rural stories. Nevertheless, jute is really versatile and, in its essentiality, we can find it in a modern style house, too. A runner with a coloured edge or rather in WOSDE lace becomes part of a living room where few and selected articles dictate the style. Therefore, the natural and genuine beauty meets the modern. 

WOSDE collection is characterized by coloured non-woven edges, neutral and fluorescent lace and San Gallo lace selections. However, it puts this natural and multifaceted material in the right place in every situation; indeed, the farmhouse style meets the modern on a game of colours and elegance!


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